Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Jake's shirt appropriately says, "Mr. Messy." A perfect description of our son! (That's chocolate frosting, by the way)

Jake loves the water hose. He's not afraid to get wet!
Josh's first go round with the new lawn mower

Our first vegetable garden: tomatoes, snow peas, cucumbers, radishes, onions and various herbs. We're not sure how it all will turn out, but we're crossing our fingers.

Ah, home ownership!

We did it! We finally took the plunge and bought a home. We went from noisy apartment living with too little space to quiet suburbia with enough space (for now). Jake has a nice backyard he can run around in and eat as much dirt as he pleases until mom or dad catches him. Josh planted a garden, bought a lawn mower (thanks mom and dad!) and pretty much took over the garage, and I finally have a place for my piano! (again, thanks mom and dad!).


Well, we've finally jumped on the Blog Bandwagon! Now that I have summer off, I have time to do things that I usually don't have time for when school's in session. And let me tell you, the list is long!

Though this is still very much under construction, I hope you enjoy becoming updated on the lives of the Palmers. Don't forget to revisit to see additions to the new Team Palmer site!